miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Wayúu territory Guajira-Colombia.

Guajira Colombia The territory is inhabited by Wayuu culture for several centuries and still retains much of its tradition. The Wayú (meaning mighty man in their language) are the largest indigenous people in Colombia. Most of the population speaks their traditional language which is the Wayuunaiki. They have their own religious belief based on important deities, and for them life does not end with death, for the soul is always present. Funerals and wakes are of great importance, in which hundreds of Indians gather to accompany relatives. However, the wayu community suffers from the general ignorance of the Colombian population and the neglect of its authorities, the mortality rate is very high, due to malnutrition, especially in the most vulnerable sectors such as newborns and the elderly.  Read the following posts to know more...


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